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Annual aerial survey of southern right whales

The Mammal Research Institute‚Äôs Whale Unit (University of Pretoria) will be conducting their annual aerial survey of southern right whales from 29 September through to mid-October. This is the 38th consecutive annual survey and the resulting dataset is one of the longest such datasets available worldwide. This survey, flown in an Airbus H120 at an altitude of approximately 300m and some 500 to 800m offshore … Continue reading Annual aerial survey of southern right whales

How Whales Become Entangled

This illustration shows how fishing lines attached to traps and buoys on the ocean floor present a potentially deadly hazard to North Atlantic right whales. Freeing entangled whales involves a certain amount of knowledge and caution, and should be left to the experts. What started out as a routine day of fishing for a well-intentioned New Zealand man quickly turned to tragedy when he attempted … Continue reading How Whales Become Entangled