Teeth or bristles

Cetaceans divide into two groups in the manner they catch their food using teeth or bristles Most cetaceans have triangular teeth and feed on fish or squid. These include dolphins, porpoise’s narwhals and sperm whales. A number of whales, including most of the largest, feed by filtering crustations and shoaling fish through large plates of bristles called baleen. The baleen whales open their mouths to … Continue reading Teeth or bristles

Sharks have cavity-proof teeth

Shark teeth are covered in fluoride, making them cavity-resistant. One 2012 study published in the Journal of Structural Biology found that sharks’ enamel is made up of a chemical called fluoroapatite, which is resistant to acid produced by bacteria. This, combined with the fact that most sharks replace their teeth throughout their lives, means that sharks have excellent dental health. Source: LiveScience Continue reading Sharks have cavity-proof teeth